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Where to sleep 🛏️

Before planning your trip it is very important to research and look for the best accommodation. Find the best area at the right price, so it is best to plan your trip ahead of time.

Viladecans is an area that is 15 minutes by train from Barcelona (Sants station), so it is an ideal place to sleep and not spend a lot of money in expensive hotels in the center of Barcelona.

You can sleep near the Viladecans outlet as there are several hotels around, where you can take advantage and do your shopping before finishing your stay and returning home.

Hotel SB BCN Events

What is the best way to get to the Viladecans outlet?

By bus 🚌

By car 🚗

By Train 🚆

Which are the restaurants near the Viladecans outlet?

Foxos Viladecans


⭐What kind of accommodation is available near the Viladecans Outlet ?

Al ser una zona turística y muy cerca del Aeropuerto de Barcelona, encontrarás una gran variedad, desde Hoteles de categoría superior, apartamentos, Campings o incluso pisos clasificados como alojamientos turístico.

⭐Which is the closest hotel to the Viladecans Outlet ?

The closest hotel is the B&B Hotel Barcelona Viladecans and it is only a 5 min. walk from the Outlet, you will find it at the entrance of the Vilamarina shopping center.