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Restaurants to eat at the outlet of Viladecans

When it comes to shopping, most consumers choose the most convenient shopping center with a variety of offers, both in terms of products and restaurants. For this reason, the Viladecans outlet is gaining more and more popularity among people who want to spend a pleasant time shopping while stopping for a coffee or a meal at the best restaurants in the Viladecans outlet.

While shopping to update your closet with the latest trends is an exciting activity, it can also be exhausting. Especially if you have a large number of stores with multiple brands, offers, promotions and discounts. In this sense, the Viladecans outlet has been designed to offer consumers a convenient, comfortable and incomparable shopping experience. For this reason, this shopping center is the perfect excuse to meet friends or family, have a coffee, lunch or dinner at the Viladecans outlet restaurants.

 What are the best restaurants in the Viladecans outlet?

The Viladecans outlet has an extremely accessible location to reach by train or bus. In addition, if you travel by car, you can enjoy the more than 1700 parking spaces that are available in this shopping center. Also, the range of restaurants for lunch or dinner will not be a problem. Below is a short list of some of the best restaurants at the Viladecans outlet.

Green Vita Viladecans restaurant

Located in local 201 of the Viladecans outlet, in the Green Vita restaurant you will find a menu full of dishes that combine with a healthy lifestyle. Green Vita’s gastronomic proposal stands out for offering recipes with fresh and seasonal ingredients for a flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diet.

Green Vita’s kitchen prepares dishes that are as healthy as they are delicious, free of artificial additives, processed or fried.

Udon Restaurant

The best of Asian gastronomy can be found in Udon, one of the best restaurants in the outlet of Viladecans. Whether for lunch or dinner, it is impossible to get bored in this restaurant. Udon’s menu is not only able to constantly reinvent itself, but they also offer a variety of dishes made from organic, fresh, locally produced and chemical-free food. At Udon you will get to know the most intense and delicious flavors of the oriental tradition!

Santagloria Coffee & Bakery

If you are looking for a cozy place to catch up with your shopping companion, Santagloria, the leading brand of Coffee & Bakery, has a delicious and fresh proposal of sweets, cold drinks and hot beverages.

Santagloria is one of the most visited coffe shop in the Viladecans outlet by consumers and lovers of the offers and promotions of this shopping center. Here you can indulge your palate with the best pastries, sweets, smoothies and much more.